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Essential Insights Mobile App

Available on the App Store and Google Play the Essential Insights Mobile App lets you browse, create and share inspiring and uplifting quotes and collected wisdom's as beautiful images on your favorite social media networks.

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Browse from over 1000 collected pieces of wisdom

Combining the Guide to Essential Insights PLUS the Cynics Guide to the Universe, we give you two unique sets of quotes and wisdom to share that allow you to express how you feel and the challenges you face via uplifting insights or classic dark humor.

Set an Alarm to wake up with a daily motivation

Forget your painful screeching alarm, choose from one of our beautiful tones and wake up with a randomly selected quote from either the Insights or Cynics guide and start your day the right way.

Create inspiring images to share with the world

Choose the quote that suites your mood, select one of our beautiful background images or load your own and format your text font, size and color to create and share inspiration and humor on your favorite social network.

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